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The webcomic unOrdinary by uru-chan is a Fantasy webcomic available on LINE Webtoon. It updates every Thursday.

This webcomic currently has a rating of 9.85, and it is well deserved.

The Breakdown

In unOrdinary we find ourselves submerged in a parallel reality where having special abilities is normal and highly respected. Those who don’t have special abilities are considered ‘cripples’. Most of the action happens within in the halls of Wellston Private High School.

Wellston’s population, as in their society, is separated into a hierarchy of tiers dependant on their ability level. The tiers are Low-Tier (Level 1.0-1.9), Mid-Tier (Level 2.0-3.4), Elite-Tier (Level 3.5-4.9), High-Tier (Level 5.0+), and God-Tier (Level 6.0+). The ones with the highest levels are considered Royals. There are Queens, Kings, and Jacks.

When we meet John, our main protagonist, we find out that he is one of these ‘cripples’. He’s known around school as ‘John the cripple’, as most of the school has some kind of ability. As we get to know John, however, it’s quickly evident that he’s no ordinary cripple. As most cripples would and do shy away from confrontation with anyone with abilities, John fights back. He also steps in, when others are being beaten up or harassed. This doesn’t sit well with most of the school’s hierarchy, who believe John should learn his place. John is smart and cunning and uses this to his advantage.

When that doesn’t work, there’s always Seraphina. Seraphina was once the Queen of Wellston until she stepped down. She’s basically a god to everyone and also happens to be John’s BFF.

As a subplot of sorts, we find out that John’s father is the author of ‘unOrdinary’, a banned book detailing the actions of a man (with abilities) living among a world of cripples. The book is considered propaganda as it advocates equality and for people with abilities to use them to help weaker people. Dun-dun-DUN!

My Thoughts

The art in this webcomic is amazing, and the fight sequences are awesome. And there are A LOT of fight sequences. They are an extremely violent people.

I love-love-love Seraphina. She is badass and has a DGAF attitude that is near and dear to my heart. She’s one of the most powerful people in their school but doesn’t take advantage of it. She’d much rather stay out of the entire hierarchy bullshit of their society and play games on her phone.

John is also pretty badass in his own way. I love how he always sticks up for the little guy, even when he himself is ‘the-little-guy’. John’s well known to the school nurse – who is BTW the angriest school nurse I’ve ever seen.

One thing to keep in mind … There are a lot of characters to keep track of in this story (not to mention their abilities and tiers). But that’s life, right? Lots of people to keep track of. Well if you’re lucky, I guess.

uru-chan has found a unique way to bring issues such as bullying, racism, and social inequalities (to name a few) to a drama-filled story that is sure to entertain.

Webtoon Details

The world is not perfect. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization… that something needs to change…

unOrdinary anime comic

unOrdinary, Webtoon, uru-chan

In conclusion, are you looking to binge on some awesomeness? unOrdinary, currently, has 91 episodes for your binging pleasure. You can thank me later.

Watch the trailer here.

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