Small World Webcomic

Small World, Wonsun Jin

Small World by Wonsun Jin, is a Slice of Life webcomic available on LINE Webtoons.

It updates every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

The Breakdown

Small World is a yaoi (BL) comic, with the typical seme (dominant) and uke (submissive) roles apparent throughout. Julien is taller (with very broad shoulders), and overly protective of Robin. Robin comes across as more passive. 

Like in other Slice of Life relationship webcomics (think My Giant Nerd Boyfriend), we are given tiny snippets of Robin and Julien’s lives. Robin and Julien’s relationship is the epitome of all things adorable.

My Thoughts

Besides it coming across as a typical seme/uke relationship, Small World is lighthearted and sweet. It’s truly all kinds of cuteness rolled up into one huge cinnamon roll of a relationship (minus the horrible things). BTW … Julien without his shirt on is truly amazing. Robin is one lucky, lucky boy.

Webtoon Detail

What do you do when you’re having a bad day? Need a hug? Or just a laugh? Call your boyfriend of course! Follow along with Robin and Julien as they navigate in their own small world.

Small World Webcomic

Small World, Wonsun Jin, Webtoon

In conclusion, treat yourself with this webcomic whenever you need a big invisible hug. It’ll make you feel all gooey inside; sometimes to a sickly sweet extreme, but it’ll still put a smile on your face. Promise.

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