Java Bonds, Himalayaa, Webtoon

Java Bonds, Himalayaa, Webtoon

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to discuss a webcomic that has really touched me in a profound way. As someone who struggles daily with her own mental health, the artist’s depiction of the protagonist’s mental health deterioration is all too real.

Java Bonds by Himalayaa is a webcomic on LINE Webtoon Discover. This is a spinoff of ‘CRUSHED!!’, another webcomic by Himalayaa on LINE Webtoon Discover.

Even though Crush makes a cameo, there’s no need to be familiar with ‘CRUSHED!!’ to follow along. However, I recommend you check out both of them.

The Breakdown

Henry is an introverted, socially anxious, depressed, young man, trying to make it through his day-to-day life. He meets Leo, who seems to go out of his way to befriend Henry. Though Henry thinks Leo is only doing it out of pity.

Henry admires Leo for his outgoing personality, and how easily he makes friends. Henry’s admiration begins to turn into a crush. He wonders if Leo would hate him for it.

When Leo invites Henry to his birthday party, Henry is shocked and immediately wants to decline the invitation. However, he reluctantly accepts and shows up to the party. As the night progresses, Henry becomes more isolated and uncomfortable. He partakes in a bit too many of alcoholic beverages attempting to reach his party-mode.

Depressed and intoxicated, Henry wanders around the party, eventually running into Carter (Crush from CRUSHED!!). He ends up doing something that threatens his new friendship with Leo and sends Henry on an internal downward spiral.

My Thoughts

This comic is drenched in darkness – literally. Henry is often consumed by his anxiety, which literally manifests itself as a sort of black tar, covering his body until he can’t breathe or move.

I’m completely in love with Himalayaa’s representation of Henry’s anxiety and self-loathing. The reader can practically feel his desperation.

It’s heartbreaking to watch Henry try so hard to live his life, and then have that little black ball of self-doubt creep over his shoulder every time. Spewing its horrible words over him, poking, prodding, and drenching him with that black tar. Until Henry is practically drowning in his own emotions.

Webtoon Details

//Henry sees “more”. But he’s not a superhero at all.// SUBJECTS (15+): mental health, friendship, sexuality; LGBT “Java Bonds” is a spin-off to my main series “CRUSHED!!”

Java Bonds, Himalayaa, Webtoon

Java Bonds, Himalayaa, Webtoon

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Java Bonds is a new-ish webcomic, which debuted in August 2017 and currently has eight full episodes. It is currently on hiatus so this would be the perfect time to catch up!

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